I filled out the registration form, but I did not receive a confirmation letter per e-mail.

  • Check the letter in the junk e-mail folder (spam).
  • If there is no confirmation letter in the junk e-mail folder (spam), write to the site administrator at the e-mail address: admin@retailweek.ru. Please, submit your full name and e-mail, specified at registration.

If you register for a free package «Retailer» or «Special»:

  • In the «E-mail» field enter your corporate e-mail address (example: ivanov@retailweek.ru)
  • If the e-mail address on the free mail service (@mail.ru, @gmail.ru, @yandex.ru, etc.) is specified as the corporate one, the registration with the free package shall not be confirmed.

If you register as a speaker, moderator, exhibitor or participant of the Chain Procurement Center, select the «Special» package after authorization in your account.

If you register as a speaker, please fill in the «Section name» field.