For the first time from June 03 to June 05, 2019 within the framework of the International Forum of business and government.

«Russian Retail Week» in B2B and B2G format: four congresses will be held simultaneously: Alcohol, Milk, Meat and Bread, where participants — producers / suppliers of food products and retailers, representatives of business communities, regional and federal authorities, foreign guests discuss the situation in the declared categories, current trends, production and retail efficiency, and new growth points. Tasting of the products of the represented branches will be held within the day.

ALCOHOL CONGRESS (JUNE 03 to 05, 2019)

On the first and second days, participants will be able to exchange experiences, to discuss topical issues of the wine branch, to outline the way forward in retail, to evaluate product quality and to taste the best samples. The attention of the third day will be focused on the discussion of issues of the branch of hard liquor.

At the Congress, the managers and specialists of the retail chains Magnit, Metro, Lenta, Azbuka Vkusa, Selgros are scheduled to speak, and the leaders and employees of the core areas: X5 Retail Group, Bristol, Krasnoe I Beloe, VinLab, as well as top management of regional retail chains, including Tabris (Krasnodar), Semya (Perm), Pobeda (Omsk), Karavan and Duty Free (Penza), «Aniks» (Biysk), «Gulliver» (Ulyanovsk), etc. will also take part in congress events.


  • Wines from Russian grapes. Integrated approach to market development and potential in modern wine trading.
  • Points of growth. Reformatting and improving the competitiveness of retail chain. Contribution of wine category.
  • Wine place. How to make the store attractive to the buyer.
  • Home-produced wine. Direct import and private label brands in the assortment of retail chain.
  • World wine market. Procurement and supply.
  • «Golden Shelf». Management issues of wine category.
  • Training and motivation of staff in the modern wine trade.
  • Market of hard liquor. Current state of the sector and development prospects.
  • Role of hard liquor in modern retail. Increasing the market share of the private label brands of hard liquor products. Assortment building.
  • New opportunities for communication with customers in modern retail.
  • Introduction of new technical conditions. What will happen to quality. The dialogue between business community and state regulator.
  • New trends in marketing, promotion and product awareness.



  • Changes in the structure and product lines of the baking industry in Russia. New taste preferences of Russian consumers. Analytical studies;
  • Development of bread category in retail in 2018-2019. Successful cases of federal and regional chains;
  • Own bread. Onsite baking and private label brands in the assortment of retail chains;
  • Impact of the price increase for bread products in 2019, on sales and demand structure;
  • Effective marketing and merchandising of bread products. Organization of shelf space;
  • New sales channels and trade formats for private bakeries and handicraft industries;
  • Ways of exit of retailers and manufacturers from the «promo trap»;
  • New trends in the baking industry: production of frozen semi-finished bakery products, products with an extended shelf life, etc.
  • Successful practices of managing the bread category in retail in order to reduce.



  • Changes in consumer behavior and demand structure for meat and meat processing products in 2018-2019. Analytical studies;
  • Development of meat category (beef, pork, poultry, meat processing products, ...) in retail in 2018-2019. According to federal and regional retail chains;
  • Impact of store formats on the consumption structure of meat products;
  • Development of own meat production by retailers. Alliances with manufacturers and work practice with private label brands;
  • Ways of joint exit of retailers and manufacturers from the «promo trap»;
  • Advanced sales channels for meat products: E-commerce, HoReCa, etc .;
  • Impact of packaging on meat sales and efficiency of business processes in production and retail;
  • Traceability of meat products — from the field to the final consumer. Best practices of interaction between manufacturers and retailers. «Mercury» and labeling.
  • Margin areas of meat production and processing: organic meat, Ready to Cook, etc. Successful cases in 2018-2019;
  • Best practices of retailers and manufacturers in supply planning and logistics.

The congresses will be attended by leaders and employees of specialized areas. Top managers, managers and specialists of retail chains: X5 Retail Group, Lenta, Magnit, Metro, Azbuka Vkusa, Okay, Dixy, Selgros and others are scheduled to speak.

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