Форум по борьбе с нелегальной торговлей


An expert platform where representatives of society, government and business discuss issues of market protection from counterfeit and falsification, harmonization of legal regulation, as well as protection of the rights of copyright holders commercializing the results of intellectual activity.

The main goal of the forum To hold a productive dialog with the authorities, business community, science and public representatives to tackle illegal trade and create a civilized goods and services market.

The Forum participants will discuss how to protect the market from counterfeit and fake products, to harmonize legal regulation of standardization and certification, as well as to protect the rights of copyright holders, who commercialize their intellectual property.

Representatives of all ministries and departments concerned, producers and consumer associations, industry experts, representatives of professional communities, the media, as well as authorities, scientific community representatives, experts from international organizations, copyright holders, innovation and venture companies, law and patent firms, representatives of the Internet community are invited to participate in the Forum.

Forum topic :

Dialog between business and government — the main legal trade development tool

Discussion points:

  • Business digitalization — an essential step to integrate into the international business space.
  • Digital marking as the main tool to combat counterfeiting.
  • Digital platform optimization for free flow of goods within the Eurasian Economic Union.
  • Self-regulation in retail and technical regulation by the state. Legal regulation development for a favorable legal regime.
  • Dialog between copyright holders and major e-commerce marketplaces as an alternative to the state regulation in the fight against counterfeiting.
  • The future of state regulation of excisable goods is a course towards harmonization.
  • Cooperation with the consumer, a partner of the state in the fight against illegal trade.

General partner of Anti-Illicit Trade Forum

JTI - генеральный партнер Форума по борьбе с нелегальной торговлей


Victor Evtukhov - State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Ekaterina Priezzheva -Director of the Department of the digital marking system and legalization of product turnover of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia

Andrey Slepnev - Member of the Board (Minister) for Trade of the Eurasian Economic Commission

Mikhail Dubin - Chairman of the Board of Directors of CRPT

Dmitry Alkhazov -Executive Director of CRPT

Oksana Lut-Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation