For information about free stands please contact the Directorate:,

+7 (495) 510-05-52



EXHIBITOR’S REGISTRATION FEE— RUB. 35 000 (price includes taxes)

Includes registration as a Forum participant and receiving a Participant’s package and attendance at the events of the business program of the Retail Week 2021.


Cost of the area on the 1st floor - 18 000 RUB/sq.m (price includes taxes).

Cost of the area on the 2nd floor - 36 000 RUB/sq.m (price includes taxes).

When buying an area without prepared stands, only individual building of stand is possible, with an option previously agreed with the Directorate. Pop-Up placement is prohibited on such places (except for specially provided options). On the 2nd floor only individual building of stand is possible.


"Standard" building from 6 sq.m. on the 1st floor of the Congress Center. Cost of 1 sq.m. area – RUB 27 000 (price includes unequipped area and taxes)

"Standard" stand is a stand build of exhibition constructions on a carpet, colour of panels is white. The height of stand is 2.5 m but can be increased by building up using exhibition constructions. The walls of a stand are formed by light aluminium purlins and slopes, plastic laminated panels. Each wall panel is 2.5 m high (including top and bottom planks), about 1 m wide and about 0.96x2.35 m in front.

Installation of exhibition equipment and other constructions within a "standard" stand considered as an independent building and is subject of Technical Expertise by the General Builder.

Placement of advertising and technical suspensions on ceiling structures requires mandatory agreement with the General Developer of the Organizer.


  1. Blue carpet
  2. The perimetr walls are closed on 3 sides
  3. Storeroom with wind door – 1 sq. m. (from 12 sq.m.)
  4. Information desk – 1 running m.
  5. Table  – 1 piece
  6. Chair – 4 pieces
  7. Euro jack х3 (1,5kWt,220V) – 1 piece
  8. Name of the company – 10 symbols
  9. Floor hanger – 1 piece
  10. Wastepaper basket – 1 piece


We offer all interested Exhibitors the construction of their exhibition area with an exclusive stand. Cost of each stand is individual. It all depends on the size of the stand and the desire of the Exhibitor / Participant.

Examples of individual stand on Retail Week:

For information about free stands please contact the Directorate:,

+7 (495) 510-05-52


Download exponent guide (language - Russian; PDF-format)