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Floor plan

Plan 2019

The «Standard» building

The assembly of exhibition equipment and other structures within the standard mount is considered to be an independent building and is subject to Technical Expertise at the Master Developer.

The placement of advertising and technical suspensions on ceiling structures requires mandatory approval from the Organizer’s Master Developer.

The «Standard» building starting from 6 sq.m. Price for 1 sq.m building — 27,000 rubles (This price includes taxes and cost of the exhibition area.)

Complete equipment:

  1. Blue carpet roll
  2. The walls around the perimeter, closed from 3 sides.
  3. Storeroom with hinged door — 1 sq. m (from 12 sq. m)
  4. Information desk — 1 running meter.
  5. Table — 1 piece.
  6. Chair — 4 pieces
  7. Euro socket x 3 (1.5kW, 220V) — 1 piece
  8. Company name — 10 characters
  9. Clothes rack — 1 piece
  10. Waste basket — 1 piece

Extra charges for the area are applied in the following options:

Area to accommodate the corner stand — 5%
Area to accommodate the peninsula stand — 10%

«Exclusive» building (customized)

We offer to all interested exhibitors the building of their exhibition space with a customized mount. The prices for the construction are individual. They depend on the size of the mount and the desire of the Exhibitor/ Participant.

Depending on the complexity and size of the mount, the building price varies from 35,000 to 65,000 rubles per sq. m. The discount is given to retailers.

Exclusive RRW building 2017-2018:

docxthe Exhibitor application (103 КB)

Note: The above cost (paragraphs 2-3) applies to the mounts and the area located on the ground floor. The cost of space on the first floor is doubled (* 2) in relation to the ground floor. On the first floor only individual building is possible.

Retailers participating in the RETAIL WEEK EXPO exhibition are given a discount for building exhibition space. For more information, please contact the Operator:

Information about the conditions can be obtained by contacting the Directorate of the Russian Retail Week: Tel.: +7 (495) 252-75-75; +7 (495) 924-02-80; e-mail: