Ecom Retail Week

An expert platform on trends and growth drivers, leadership strategies, good practices and technologies in e-commerce.

Ecom Retail Week program as part of the "Retail Week" is designed so that each delegate gets the latest insight into all the opportunities for business through e-commerce.

Representatives of leading online retail chains and companies combining e-commerce and offline trade will present the main trends in the development of modern online retail in Russia, share market development forecasts and innovations.


General partner of ECOM Retail Week


Speakers of ECOM Retail Week:

Dmitry Chernyshenko - Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation;

Maxim Akimov - CEO of Russian Post JSC;

Tatiana Bakalchuk - CEO of WILDBERRIES;

Florian Jansen - Executive Director of "Magnit" RC;

Igor Shekhterman - Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Management Board of the X5 Retail Group;

Maxim Grishakov - CEO of "Yandex.Market";

Artyom Sokolov - President of AKIT;

and others.

Forum participants

Мантуров Денис

Denis Manturov

Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Евтухов Виктор

Viktor Evtukhov

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Карпов Андрей

Andrej Karpov

Chairman of the Board, Russian Retail Market Experts Association

Якубсон Илья

Ilya Yakubson

Chairman at supervisory board of The Russian Association of Retail Market Experts

Бакальчук Татьяна

Tatyana Bakalchuk

Дюннинг Ян

Yan Dyuning

President, PAO “Magnit”

Гришаков Максим

Maksim Grishakov

CEO, Yandex.Market

Смыков Тихон

Tikhon Smykov

CEO, Inventive Retail Group